Thursday, October 23, 2008

Karine & Veronica's Eastbourne Impressions

We just arrived in Eastbourne, so we will just talk about our first impressions. Eastbourne is a little friendly town, very sunny, with looks like quite unusual. Some teacher told us to not go out without an umbrella, which sound like a good idea...

We're here to improve our English skills, and for that we have courses all the day. The teachers are very friendly, and the courses are quite funny. Thanks to Twin school, we have a social organiser who makes trips around Eastbourne, to visit and make friends. We can meet a lot of differents nationalities from all over the world, wich is very important because to have a conversation we must use English. There is also a lot of different accents which sometimes makes understanding quite difficult. But everybody is very nice and makes efforts to understand and reward if needed.

We're now talking about our personnal experience.
K : My accomodation is in a family, really near the twin centre, which is very useful. They're very nice, the lady takes care of me, and they have a very happy young baby. They also have a cat, wich is very nice. A quite surprising thing is that the dinner is at 5:30 pm...I'm a French student and we usually have dinner between 7 and 8 pm...But everybody is nice with me so it will be fine.

V: Here in Eastbourne I'm living with my aunty and my uncle in a lovely house with a little garden. I'm here in England because I need to pass my IELTS to go to university in Eastbourne. At mornings I'm working in a book company and at the afternoon I come to Twin to learn English.

We both think coming to Eastbourne is a very good way to learn English.

Karine and Veronica

Our First Impressions of Eastbourne

We are HeeSeon and Bonnie from South Korea. We came to Eastbourne in order to study English, and in Bonnie's case, to join in the internship program. The first impression of 'Twin Eastbourne Centre' was friendly. It was smaller than we thought, but we could expect to be close to friends and teachers.

Eastbourne, where we came is located in Southeastern England, and it takes about one hour and half to London by train. Even though it is a very small town, it is quiet and peaceful. Also, there is more amount of sunshine compared to other places in England. There are some attractive places we can go, such as Beachy Head, Seven Sisters, Pevency Castle and so on. Especially, the colour of the cliff is white, so many tourists visit there to hike towards Seven Sisters. Moreover, we can see extraordinary trees to be able to see only on this hill. Trees curve towards an one side because of considerably strong wind.

There are some adventages to staying in Eastbourne. Firstly, we don't have to pay money more for trasportation than London, because Eastbourne is just a small town. Secondly, it is much safer than London. There are many retired people. We can walk in the street at night, but we should be careful, actually. Finally, there is the sea. We can go to the seaside anytime when we want. It is excellent to eat 'Fish and Chips' ,which is English tipical food, looking at sea on the beach when it is sunny. There is an interesting thing that many seagulls would come to us when we eat it. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. We could get bored in such a small town, and it is too limited to go shopping. However, we know it is up to us for making our life here lively, and we can find somthing to enjoy ourselves.

While we are staying in Eastbourne, we have met many people. They are nice, kind and warm. Nice weather, Sea, Good people........ What can we desire more? Thanks.

By HeeSeon & Bonnie, South Korean Students in Eastbourne

Haruko & Ahmed's Experience of Eastbourne

My first impression of Eastbourne is a quite small town which has many beautiful places and many kind people, especially old people. The town has many narrow roads and hilly streets. The wether is unexpected so far because we can see the sun although it is in the middle of October. The town is located by the sea so there are a lot of seagulls everywhere.

I live with a host family consisted of man and woman. I stay with another 4 students who are from different contries. They are Chinese, Korean, Slovakina and Saudi Arabian. Most of them are going to the same school as me. My host family is very friendly and kind. They talk to us for a long time. They take care of us.

Twin school in Eastbourne has many multi-national students. Teachers are helpful and enthusiastic. We like them very much. Our school is a little bit small, but it is easy to make friends. Also we have some social programmes, for example we go around and outside Eastbourne, the cinema and the pub. We have a barbeque every Friday lunchtime.
At the weekend we can go to Brighton, Hastings or London. They are not so far away from Eeastbourne and the school arranges some trips also in weekends. Also Eastbourne has a beatiful place called 'Seven sisters'. We can enjoy the nice view from the beach head.
There are more than 10 nationalities of students in my class, so I have a really good oppotunity to make friendship with students who are from different cultures. In the end, thanks to Twin school we can have a lot of precious experiences with great friends and teachers.

By Haruko & Ahmed

Sophia's London Experience

With time going by I came to London. It is my first time in London. Before I came to London I heard many interesting things about London. London is the best city in England. It is the political, economic and cultural centre of England. Only by visiting London can we have a better understanding of culture in England.

Many other country's people want to take English nationality after they visited London. The weather in London changes from season to season . In the summer the weather very cool, because London is not far from the sea. In the winter the weather in London is very comfortable. Sometimes London will be snowy in winter.

There are many large buildings in London. I live with my host family and I am very happy there. When I arrived on the first day, their house called up memories of my childhood. They are very friendly and warm. When I face many difficult things my host famliy will tell me "you'll pull through. It will teach you a lesson to be free from failure." I am very happy to live with them.

It is important for me to take every chance to live life to the fullest in London. I adapt to the new life in London very quickly. Their food very delicious. Every day I had a big dinner. In London you can go to the beach not far from London. Such as Seven Sisters. It is a very good beach. You will feel the breeze beside the beach and it is very refreshing.

The famous food in London are fish and chips. English people like cheese but I don't like cheese. Even if I don't like it I can adapt to London life. Generally speaking I have a colourful life in London. It can help me to open my eyes about the world. With the development of society London will more and more popular.

By Sophia, An Chinese Student in London

Sami & Cathy go to Eastbourne

Hi! Our names are Sami and Cathy, and we are students from China. We have been here one month now in the Twin English School in Eastbourne.

We all know England's weather is changable, including Eastbourne's. This is our first time in Eastbourne. So we were feeling not very well because the weather in Beijing is not wet. It is often rainy and windy, but it is not very cold. I think England's kind of climate maybe is good for our health with clean and fresh air.

Eastbourne is near the sea so we often go to seaside with our friends at weekands. We like walking along the beach and chatting with each other. The sunshine is good and there are many old couples enjoying it. Because of this beatiful sightseeing all of us are very happy.

When we were new here, we did not know how to got to some places such as the school and host family. At that time we recieved a lot of help from passers by. We felt very welcomed in this strange country. So we think English people are very friendly and warm-hearted. We all enjoy life in our host family. The host mother is very kind and helpful. I think English food is quite different from our Chinese food. At the beginning, we were unaccustomed to this kind of food, but now we think it is very delicious. We like it. In the UK, fish and chips is popular food.

All in all, we absoulutely enjoy studying in Eastbourne and attending the English Course. This will be the best memory in our lives.

Sami and Cathy, Chinese Students at Twin English School Eastbourne

Sa's Eastbourne Experience

Hi, I am Sa and I come from China. I have been in the Twin English School in Eastbourne for about one month. My first impressions of Eastbourne have been very good: the blue sky, the fresh air and sunshine...

I think I should make progress here very fast, because in my class the students come from many different countries. So, if I want talk to the other students I must use English.
Through talking to them not only could practice my speaking but I could learn about other countries' cultures. In the class we always have to discuss with our classmates. Now I have made a lot of friends in my school...

In the weekend, I usually go to the town centure or go to beach with my friends. In the beach we drink, and play games. On friday, we have the BBQ in the garden and then we go to have the football match with our teachers.

In here I found the vegetable and the other food are not cheap. So I have spent a lot of money here. However those food are very cheap in China. So I think that this is a difference between China and UK.

In my host family, I usually watch TV at night when I have finished homework. I like BBC ONE, I think it has much more news at night, and watching it can improve my English listening. My host family usually cooks the traditional English food for us. I think they are very friendly.

This weekend I will enjoy a Korean party, I think it is a good way to make friends, learn about other countries' cultures and exercise my speaking. I love here, I will study hard in the next four mouths.

Thank you for your valuable time, Sa

Jasper's Eastbourne Experience

Hello, I'm Jasper. I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. When I was coming to Eastbourne by bus, I saw a lot of beautiful scenery through the glass window which impressed me because I felt I had got a first hand view of British nature.

I know teachers have their own teaching style, but the important thing is that I can digest all the knowledge completely from the course. In the Twin English School in Eastbourne, I have acquainted many foreign people, and it's interesting that I can use their language to express my greeting. I don't understand how to help foreign people's problems or how to consider current international development situations, I can't bring them to change their minds, but I believe the culture gap will be shortened under our conversation. just one or two words. Definitely, there are so many differences between western and eastern culture. Certainly, whenever something is misunderstood it does not matter to our happy communication. I think I will improve my English level under Twin English School Eastbourne's help and with my hard work.

By Jasper, a Chinese Twin Student in Eastbourne

Friday, October 17, 2008

The English Course Experience

English courses are an integral tool in the improvement, or development of learning English. There is no better environment to learn English than in an English School attending an English Course in England.

English is widely acknowledged as the most widely spoken language in the world, with an estimated 330,000,000 primary English Speakers. English is spoken in an astounding amount of nations; 115 of the 194 countries in the world, be that 84 of those a mixed version of English. Therefore, English appears to be an incredibly useful language to learn for foreign students, and surely the best possible way to learn English is to attend an English Course in an English School in its country of origin; England. There are tens of thousands of foreign students studying abroad, many of whom are attending English courses in English schools. Many of the best English schools and English Courses for foreign students are situated in London. Not only is excellent education offered to the students studying abroad, the richly cultural and historical city has a huge amount to offer in terms of sights and sounds to the students attending English schools in London. Whether the student is attending the English course for their university degree, or they simply want to learn English from native speakers in an English School, London is widely accepted as the most forward, trendy and beautiful city in England. Therefore London is the best choice of location to choose your English Course and English School.

From past experience of working at an English school, I have met and worked with people from all across the globe attending English Courses. Koreans, Saudi Arabians, Ecuadorians, the list of nationalities go on and on, however every single person proved to be hard working and left with an improved level of English having attended their English course in London. It didn’t matter what past experience of English speaking they had, or their level of English. The students left their English School having had a fun and educational experience in their English Course, as well as having absorbed the plethora of sights and sounds London has to offer.

Ultimately, people attend an English School to have the ability to communicate with other people in a different language to their own through an English Course. Having the ability to communicate in a different language gives people the resource to meet new people and make new friends. Making friends and increasing the amount you communicate in English are the pillars of the English Course experience. Many of the past students I have worked with in the Twin English School still keep in touch with each other, still communicating in English having followed a career utilising the English Language Skills they obtained at the English Course they attended in London.

Therefore taking an English Course in an English School in London can be a positive tool in changing the course of your life, as it provides excellent prospectives for your future career, the ability to make new friends and also an incredible experience in the Capital.

James Ong-Fox

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life in Eastbourne's Seafront

This is the first time I come to Eastbourne, the foot of the beautiful South Downs, Eastbourne is widely acclaimed, I feel so excited because of the exceptional beach which has lots of moist stones, walking along the seaside I feel my foots being kneaded, what a fabulous experience I have; the natural massage...

I love Eastbourne even though it has the most changeable weather than any other city in England, the reason is my host family is near the seafront, located in the Royal Parade------a wonderful road in Eastbourne. I can appreciate the English Channel in my room! I really enjoy the sunrise especially the moment that the sun wakes up and jumps up the horizon where the sky kisses the sea's skin. This maginificent vision makes me feel i ate Tiffany's breakfast.
This is a city rich of wonderful sights, I was enchanted when I visited Seven Sisters, giving a breathtaking view of this East Sussex town.

On the other hand at the English School in Eastbourne, there were some students who came from different countries and brought their own cultural food to the UK, so I could enjoy diffrent kinds of food I had never tasted before. The only pity is the tedious nightlife. I must put all my passion into study in my English Course in Eastbourne.

As a whole, I enjoy the life in Eastbourne very much. I will give all to my stay in this England fantasy.

By Han Gao/Diane

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Long Trip

My name is Lynn and I joined in to the Twin English School Eastbourne --- the big family since 13th September, 2008. This was the long trip for me because, it is the first time which I go abroad by myself. Before I arrived here, I was worried about it, whether I could adapt to the strange environment, but when I arrived here, I was addicted to the scene of Eastbourne. It is much different from China. My host family told me that usually Eastbourne always raining in October, surprisingly it still have sunshine in this month. And I think it is the best present for me, isn't it?

In the weekend, I went to the seaside with my friends , in my eyes , it was a blue world. The blue sea and the sky. It is very beautiful. We enjoyed sunshine and had a good time. On our way home, we lost our way and we asked a stranger for directions, she was vary kind and took us to our way. We felt very warm in this strange place. If you walk in the road, and some stranger pass you, they will smile with you, so I felt Eastbourne people are very friendly and kind. Not only the good environment but also the good people.

The most important thing for me is that I can make many other friends all around the world. We have the same objective and study hard together. We talk with each other in English to learn each others different cultures. We all enjoy it.
Eastbourne is a memorable place in my mind. Maybe after many years, I will return to here, and find my unforgettable memory.