Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sa's Eastbourne Experience

Hi, I am Sa and I come from China. I have been in the Twin English School in Eastbourne for about one month. My first impressions of Eastbourne have been very good: the blue sky, the fresh air and sunshine...

I think I should make progress here very fast, because in my class the students come from many different countries. So, if I want talk to the other students I must use English.
Through talking to them not only could practice my speaking but I could learn about other countries' cultures. In the class we always have to discuss with our classmates. Now I have made a lot of friends in my school...

In the weekend, I usually go to the town centure or go to beach with my friends. In the beach we drink, and play games. On friday, we have the BBQ in the garden and then we go to have the football match with our teachers.

In here I found the vegetable and the other food are not cheap. So I have spent a lot of money here. However those food are very cheap in China. So I think that this is a difference between China and UK.

In my host family, I usually watch TV at night when I have finished homework. I like BBC ONE, I think it has much more news at night, and watching it can improve my English listening. My host family usually cooks the traditional English food for us. I think they are very friendly.

This weekend I will enjoy a Korean party, I think it is a good way to make friends, learn about other countries' cultures and exercise my speaking. I love here, I will study hard in the next four mouths.

Thank you for your valuable time, Sa

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