Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our First Impressions of Eastbourne

We are HeeSeon and Bonnie from South Korea. We came to Eastbourne in order to study English, and in Bonnie's case, to join in the internship program. The first impression of 'Twin Eastbourne Centre' was friendly. It was smaller than we thought, but we could expect to be close to friends and teachers.

Eastbourne, where we came is located in Southeastern England, and it takes about one hour and half to London by train. Even though it is a very small town, it is quiet and peaceful. Also, there is more amount of sunshine compared to other places in England. There are some attractive places we can go, such as Beachy Head, Seven Sisters, Pevency Castle and so on. Especially, the colour of the cliff is white, so many tourists visit there to hike towards Seven Sisters. Moreover, we can see extraordinary trees to be able to see only on this hill. Trees curve towards an one side because of considerably strong wind.

There are some adventages to staying in Eastbourne. Firstly, we don't have to pay money more for trasportation than London, because Eastbourne is just a small town. Secondly, it is much safer than London. There are many retired people. We can walk in the street at night, but we should be careful, actually. Finally, there is the sea. We can go to the seaside anytime when we want. It is excellent to eat 'Fish and Chips' ,which is English tipical food, looking at sea on the beach when it is sunny. There is an interesting thing that many seagulls would come to us when we eat it. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. We could get bored in such a small town, and it is too limited to go shopping. However, we know it is up to us for making our life here lively, and we can find somthing to enjoy ourselves.

While we are staying in Eastbourne, we have met many people. They are nice, kind and warm. Nice weather, Sea, Good people........ What can we desire more? Thanks.

By HeeSeon & Bonnie, South Korean Students in Eastbourne

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