Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life in Eastbourne's Seafront

This is the first time I come to Eastbourne, the foot of the beautiful South Downs, Eastbourne is widely acclaimed, I feel so excited because of the exceptional beach which has lots of moist stones, walking along the seaside I feel my foots being kneaded, what a fabulous experience I have; the natural massage...

I love Eastbourne even though it has the most changeable weather than any other city in England, the reason is my host family is near the seafront, located in the Royal Parade------a wonderful road in Eastbourne. I can appreciate the English Channel in my room! I really enjoy the sunrise especially the moment that the sun wakes up and jumps up the horizon where the sky kisses the sea's skin. This maginificent vision makes me feel i ate Tiffany's breakfast.
This is a city rich of wonderful sights, I was enchanted when I visited Seven Sisters, giving a breathtaking view of this East Sussex town.

On the other hand at the English School in Eastbourne, there were some students who came from different countries and brought their own cultural food to the UK, so I could enjoy diffrent kinds of food I had never tasted before. The only pity is the tedious nightlife. I must put all my passion into study in my English Course in Eastbourne.

As a whole, I enjoy the life in Eastbourne very much. I will give all to my stay in this England fantasy.

By Han Gao/Diane

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