Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haruko & Ahmed's Experience of Eastbourne

My first impression of Eastbourne is a quite small town which has many beautiful places and many kind people, especially old people. The town has many narrow roads and hilly streets. The wether is unexpected so far because we can see the sun although it is in the middle of October. The town is located by the sea so there are a lot of seagulls everywhere.

I live with a host family consisted of man and woman. I stay with another 4 students who are from different contries. They are Chinese, Korean, Slovakina and Saudi Arabian. Most of them are going to the same school as me. My host family is very friendly and kind. They talk to us for a long time. They take care of us.

Twin school in Eastbourne has many multi-national students. Teachers are helpful and enthusiastic. We like them very much. Our school is a little bit small, but it is easy to make friends. Also we have some social programmes, for example we go around and outside Eastbourne, the cinema and the pub. We have a barbeque every Friday lunchtime.
At the weekend we can go to Brighton, Hastings or London. They are not so far away from Eeastbourne and the school arranges some trips also in weekends. Also Eastbourne has a beatiful place called 'Seven sisters'. We can enjoy the nice view from the beach head.
There are more than 10 nationalities of students in my class, so I have a really good oppotunity to make friendship with students who are from different cultures. In the end, thanks to Twin school we can have a lot of precious experiences with great friends and teachers.

By Haruko & Ahmed

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