Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick lesson: Some Winter Vocabulary

Here in England, we like to talk about the weather. Often, if you ask us how we are, we'll reply with a weather related answer.

Tom: Hi Anna. How are you?

Anna: Hi Tom. The weather has turned very cold, hasn't it. I don't like these dark mornings and dark evenings.

So, if you'd like to learn English in London, you'd better learn some winter related vocabulary. It's lucky that we're here to help you...

Slippery (difficult to walk because of the ice)
"Be careful, it's very slippery outside."

Snow Angel
"The snow is almost a foot deep, shall we go outside and make a snow angel?"

Hibernate (to sleep through winter)
"I hate going out in the cold weather. I wish I could just hibernate at this time of year."

To go ice skating
"There is a rink outside the London Eye this year; shall we go ice skating this weekend?"

To wrap up warm (to wear lots of winter clothes, such as jumpers, gloves and scarves)
Blizzard (a severe snow storm)
"You'd better wrap up warm if you're going out in the blizzard."

Earmuffs (warm material, joined by a band over your head, designed to keep your ears warm)
"My hat wasn't keeping my ears warm so I asked for some earmuffs for Christmas."

We'd love to hear your favourite winter vocabulary and phrases, so if you have any suggestions, please leave your comments below.

Stay warm this winter!

Emma (Twin English Centres)