Monday, July 27, 2009

Buckingham Palace: Visit of the State Rooms (24/07/2009)

Last Friday, I had the privilege to visit the Buckingham Palace in London. Residence of the Royal Family in England, this Palace is sumptuous when you see it from outside. But inside, the palace is more spectacular; we were allowed to enter in some of the 775 rooms of the palace. I was really impressed by the nice and rare furniture in all the rooms, the large windows that let the sun enter the palace, especially in the white drawing room. During the visit, you can also see all the countries visited by the Queen during her reign; in the Buckingham Palace are exhibited all the dresses that she was wearing during some of her visits in all the continents! You can also see that all the gifts received by the Queen during her visits have a place in the Palace, be it statues, trees…
I was also really impressed by the dining room: a large table in the middle of the table, paintings on the walls; this is the room where the Queen receives guests for dinner. But preparing this table is not that simple! All the plates, glasses and cutlers are arranged very precisely, they even use a ruler!
I really enjoyed my visit of the Buckingham Palace and it is something to see if you come to visit London.

Estelle, France

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pub Quiz

After having our lunch together most of Twin school's students met at the Fused Bar (a pub closed to the English School in London), a perfect place in London to make new friends and have fun.
We decided about 3 or 4 teams and defined prices; one for the best team's name and another one for the winner.
Indeed, everyone gave £0.50 to make the final price.Twin's teachers suggested questions about England, fashion, science and foreign countries.
The subjects were really instructive for all of us but we were not always sure of the answer ... Could you believe that we have 9 senses?
Here is the teachers' answer!!Finally, a team won and paid drinks to the other one!
We spent a nice afternoon together, with more knowledge, friends and paid drinks!

Clea Beze.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hastings Festival - Jack in the Green - 4th May 2009

This was the first festival I have been to in the UK.
I really enjoyed my time with my friends and people who were participating in this festival.
I liked their costumes very much, as they were different from group to group.
Some wore tree costumes and others had painted their faces and their bodies with different colours.
I saw two uniquely strange figures.
The 'Jack' is the centrepiece of the celebration.
'Jack' is a traditional May Day figure.
Some believe it is just a garland dating from the 17th century; other think he is a much older character and more significant.
The second figure was the 'Bogeyman', part bush and part man.
He is Jack's friend, and he stays with Jack from the beginning to the end of the festival to protect him.
The participants were divided into many bands, and most of them played different musical instruments and nice music.
After the procession had arrived in Hastings Castle, we had lunch on Castle Hill and enjoyed a nice view of the sea.
It was an absolutely wonderful festival.

Twin in Eastbourne.
Mohannad Bafail, Saudi Arabia.

Magnificent Motors-Classic and Vintage Car Show

On Saturday 2nd May, we went to the Magnificent Motors Display of classic and vintage cars on Western Lawns in Eastbourne.
We saw a lot of old models of cars from many countries such as the UK, the USA, France and Germany.
Some cars were from 1895.
We took some pictures with our teacher, and we saw a dance festival.
After that, we played on the bumper cars with our teacher.
At lunchtime, we ate some food.
I enjoyed the outing because this was the first time I have seen this kind of show.
It was a very enjoyable day.

Twin in Eastbourne.

Murad Saleh, Yemen.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Fantastic Harrods!

Here London, there are many shops.
Among them, many tourists go to Harrods.
And I'm also a tourist.
They sell in diverse products, such as furniture, home appliance and musical instrument as well as fashion items.
That's why various clothing is that collaborated with a washing machine, an iron, a bed and so on, are displayed in the shop windows.
Something interesting thing is that you will be able to find Egyptian atmosphere when you get on an escalator in the Harrods.
According to the information, one man, who is from Egypt, has bought out the Harrods.
So Sphinx of sculpture has been placed around the store.
It shows his affection about his motherland.
As Harrods is one of the famous tourist spot, they sell their own products as well.
It takes up much space in the lower ground floor and it also treats many sorts of goods.
Most of all, tea, which is one of the own goods of Harrods, is sold so much to customers.
Harrods it seems like sort of exhibition compared with the other stores.
When you get there you must be fascinated with its climate.

by Korean CDP student MinKyoung