Friday, November 20, 2015

Trip review: London bike tour with Brakeaway Tours

One of the main benefits of our English Centre in Greenwich is the location; being just minutes from Central London means that our students are able to explore the capital city with ease. Some of our English students recently went on a bike trip around the city with Brakeaway Tours.

Student, Simon Freier, shared some of his experience with us. He said: "The bike trip started at the Waterloo station. Each of us was given a bike and then we started riding to several sights of London. We visited, for example, the tower bridge, the Piccadilly Circus and some interesting skyscrapers.

"The group consisted of ca. 10 people and a guide, who was very nice. The guide gave some information about the buildings which you might not hear in the everyday life of London. So if you want more information about London than you find in your guidebook and the weather is good, you could give this bike tour a try."

The bike tour is one of many trips that are available to Twin students and it is a great way to spend an afternoon, socializing with the many people of various nationalities that study at our centres and enjoying a break from classes. Simon concluded: "The tour lasts approximately 3 hours including half an hour break to eat something or to take a coffee."

As well as the range English Courses that we have at our English Centre in London, Twin also offer a range of trips and tours to our students at a discounted rate with the bike tour being one of many opportunities that we can provide. This not only gives students the chance to see all of the sights and attractions of London and to explore the capital city, it allows our students to truly experience life in the UK and to practice their English skills in social situations. To study at one of Twin’s English Centres, please visit our homepage for further information.

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