Monday, July 27, 2009

Buckingham Palace: Visit of the State Rooms (24/07/2009)

Last Friday, I had the privilege to visit the Buckingham Palace in London. Residence of the Royal Family in England, this Palace is sumptuous when you see it from outside. But inside, the palace is more spectacular; we were allowed to enter in some of the 775 rooms of the palace. I was really impressed by the nice and rare furniture in all the rooms, the large windows that let the sun enter the palace, especially in the white drawing room. During the visit, you can also see all the countries visited by the Queen during her reign; in the Buckingham Palace are exhibited all the dresses that she was wearing during some of her visits in all the continents! You can also see that all the gifts received by the Queen during her visits have a place in the Palace, be it statues, trees…
I was also really impressed by the dining room: a large table in the middle of the table, paintings on the walls; this is the room where the Queen receives guests for dinner. But preparing this table is not that simple! All the plates, glasses and cutlers are arranged very precisely, they even use a ruler!
I really enjoyed my visit of the Buckingham Palace and it is something to see if you come to visit London.

Estelle, France

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