Thursday, June 25, 2009

Missing Eastbourne!

I am Olivia!
4 months ago I came England from Korea.
I am last PEP student, because PEP programme changed into CDP.
My course is organized by 4 months general English study and 5 months internship programme.
I have studied in Twin English School in Eastbourne for 4 months.
It's the good place for studying, which is peaceful and safe and there are lovely teachers in Eastbourne.
I have experienced a lot of social programme with Twin English School in Eastbourne.
Every friday, I could enjoy Barbeque party in our school garden!
It was very delicious and good chance to talk with teachers and friends
When there were exciting Festival, Jonathan(our school teacher) guied Festival for students
I attended Hastings Festival and Eastbourne Festival.
It was lovely time and memories.
Now I came in London for Internship!
Fortunately, I worked with Twin London about Korea marketing.
It will be good opportunity for me!
Thanks for Twin Eastbourne!
I will never forget Eastbourne!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I ♥ England: my experience

I am a French student, and I have decided to come to the UK last September to finish my degree. England was the choice of my destination as I really wanted to improve my level of English, and I’ve already been to this country before. When I was younger, I went to the South of England for a summer camp, and I really enjoyed it: contrary to what I’ve heard about the English weather, I was surprised there were high temperatures and that we could even go to the beach. I stayed in a host family and this helped me a lot to improve my level of English.
Ten years later, here I am again. I spent the whole school year at the University of Sheffield to study English, and I decided to come to London this summer to perform an internship in the marketing department. Sheffield and London are completely different; London is a busy city and I was really impressed to be surrounded by businessmen while I was going to work; there is much more traffic (I’ve already experienced the crowded Tube during rush hours), and it’s a lively and a multicultural city. It’s very interesting for me to experience those two different ways of life.
I am really glad to stay here this summer because this work experience will help me to discover the working life in the UK and I will have the opportunity to continue to study English in London.
I really recommend students to come to London, not only to work or to study English, but also to discover the rich culture of a city that seems to never sleep.


Friday, June 05, 2009

One of our English Teacher is Leaving: Goodbye Alex!

If our students love the English School in London and are satisfied with the English Courses they take there, it’s probably because English teachers make them love the language. As in any school, it’s important for students to have lively and enthusiastic teachers.
At the English School in London, all the students know Alex and have a lot of things to say about him: he can explain very clearly, his lessons are really interesting, he is very funny… and so many other compliments.
Unfortunately, Alex is leaving for Mexico where other exciting adventures are waiting for him. Everybody at the English School in London is sad about his departure, it was also a good opportunity to organise a farewell party for him. So, all students were invited to celebrate Alex’s latest days at our English School in London.
Dania and her sister Dyana, two students write a very touching letter.

Dear Alex,
I am writing to thank you very much for everything you gave us. It is very kind of you to teach us so well, and to take so much trouble over it.
The way you teach us is truly inspiring.
I hope that you are happy to go to Mexico and to have a good time there. But you must think about coming up to
London. Do let us know if you would like to come and if you might be able to spend a few days with us in Twin. We would all love to see you.
With many thanks and best wishes,