Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The importance of learning English

Learning English can be a life changing experience. As the most widely used language in the world, English is spoken by approximately 375 million citizens worldwide and is the official language in over 60 countries. Many international citizens and non-English speakers are therefore keen to learn English, often choosing to study in the UK.

What are the benefits of learning English in the UK?

If you opt to Learn English in the UK then you have the opportunity to experience a full cultural immersion. You can learn about British culture first-hand and make native friends, who you can stay in contact with long after you return home.

The main difference between learning English at home or in the UK is that studying in an English-speaking country means that you can practice your skills outside of the classroom and in real-life situations. Day to day tasks, such as shopping or catching the bus will have you utilising and improving your language skills through regular interaction with locals. You will soon find that you pick up little tips simply by observing native speakers and you will gain valuable communication methods that aren’t necessarily taught in the classroom. All these factors are ideal for students looking to become fluent in English.

English language courses in London  

English language schools tend to be of a very high standard in UK and the majority of overseas students choose to be based in London. These language schools are fully equipped to help make students time in the UK as enjoyable and productive as possible. Many schools also incorporate an English social programme, so that students can explore the UK with friends and become familiar with various situations which may require their language skills. As an English student in the UK, you will be amongst people who all have the same goal of learning and improving their English language skills, which means it's usually easy to make friends. Also, many UK teachers encourage only English speaking within the classroom, so you soon become accustomed to speaking the language to your fellow students and friends.

What about the cost?
Many people worry that studying in London or abroad will be too expensive, however students often find that the cost is not as high as they first imagined. In fact, in some cases the price varies little from studying at home. Overall, most students see the cost as a wise investment for their future and agree that it will bring its own returns in the future.

A great addition to your CV
If you have studied an English language course in London or the UK, you have a great addition to your CV, which is likely to impress potential employees! Rather than just a qualification, it gives you the added wow-factor and shows that you are well-travelled and determined.

Your future

The impact of globalisation is now presence in our everyday environment and studying in the UK can put you in a good position if you are seeking employment within a global company. As well as this, the majority of the world's digital information is stored on computers in English. It is therefore unsurprising that many people believe that learning English is the key to success in the modern world.

Travelling to England to study abroad will not only teach you valuable language skills but will also give you an amazing life experience. You will have the chance to thrive as an English student, adapt to a new climate and learn to live independently. Plus, you are likely to meet some great friends along the way!

By Hannah Walton