Monday, September 28, 2009

English in London and English in Scotland!

I've been studying English in London since July 21st, at Twin English Centre, where I meet people from the entire globe - it's really a international English School in London, the most cosmopolitan city in the world. From London, it’s very easy to travel to other cities and countries. My first choice was Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

I went to Edinburgh on 18th of September with a Brazilian friend, João Victor, to spend the weekend and get to know the Scottish accent, which we were looking forward to hear since we arrived from Brazil. Edinburgh is a small city, which you can enjoy by walk, through it's historic buildings, castles, volcanoes, secrets and mysteries, their culture, cold weather, nature around the city, the street where it never rains, a warren of hidden ‘closes’ where real people lived and worked, factories of whiskies…

If you are studying in London or just enjoying the city, you should go and enjoy the Scotland's capital, just 322 miles from London! Scottish are very friendly and happy for being hosts. Start with the Tourist Information Centre, and they’ll tell you the best things you can see in your time there. 4 whole days are enough to enjoy all the attractions and admire this beautiful city. You will hear their traditional music everywhere, played with Scottish Lowland bagpipe, and you will know why they're so proud for being Scottish!