Friday, February 27, 2009

School’s Parties

Organising Parties can be very important in order to create a good atmosphere inside the school and to forget all the differences between the different students. It is normal to go the Twin English School in London and to see a lot of student groups from all over the world.
A party is a great opportunity to meet all the students, because one thing we all have in common is the desire to enjoy ourselves.
Every week the Twin English School in London organises parties in clubs or students' houses. I really enjoyed the St. Valentine’s Party on 12th February at Piccadilly Circus. You could only enter the club if you were a student thus we could get to know students from other English Schools in London.
The club where the party took place was very beautiful, nice and not very expensive. The students liked it so much that they wanted to repeat the party every week.
All after school activities are very important, that’s why Twin offers the social programme. Providing several activities the students can see how the Twin English School in London cares about their students.
In the end I can say that it is useful to go to the parties in order to settle in in the UK. I can only speak for myself but the social programme really helped me get used to life in London.

Filippo Nardin from Italy

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Estudiar inglés en Londres...

Londres es una ciudad espectacular y mágica con innumerables lugares para conocer y visitar. Aprender inglés en Londres es sin duda el mejor lugar que puedes elegir...Londres tiene algo especial. La capital de Inglaterra es cuna del idioma inglés. Venir a tomar un curso de inglés en Londres es la mejor opción porque te da la posibilidad de poder conocer la ciudad, visitar museos, palacios, hacer nuevos amigos y practicar tu inglés en un lugar donde se habla inglés, valga la redundancia!
Los ingleses son verdaderamente amables y amigables, están acostumbrados a recibir turistas y estudiantes de todo el mundo. Si te decides por un curso de inglés en Londres, no sólo te ayudará aprender inglés sino también a hacer amigos de diferentes países de todo el mundo. Estudiar inglés en Londres también te va a dar la oportunidad de conocer culturas de otras partes del mundo porque Londres es considerada una de las ciudades más cosmopolitas del mundo...Asíque si estás pensando de venir a tomar un curso de inglés en Londres, verás que tendrás la oportunidad de experimentar y conocer culturas de todo el mundo y con ello también aprender inglés...Que venir a estudiar inglés en Londres sea la excusa de venir a empaparte de la cultura británica...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Football in England

Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Gary Neville… If these names sound familiar to you, it probably means that you love football. Indeed, they are very famous and popular as football is the national sport in England and plays a significant role in the English culture.
In international football, England is represented by the England national football team. English people are very proud of it because it is one of the only seven national teams which have won the World Cup. The national stadium is the Wembley Stadium, which is the largest one in England with its 90,000 seats.
Going to the stadium is an unforgettable experience as there is an incredible atmosphere. But if you can’t afford it, you should go to a pub to watch a football match; it is likely to become your favourite activity on the evening after your English Courses.
There are several well-known football teams in London: five of them are playing in the Premiere League. When you come to the English School in London, your new English friends will probably tell you about their favourite team.
Our English School in London usually organises a match between staff and international students. It is a good opportunity for boys to show their dexterity and show off.
If you are a girl and you are totally reluctant to football… just take advantage of your stay in the English School in London to have a look to an English football match when David Beckham is playing, and you will change your mind, but maybe not because of his game!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament

While thinking of the United Kingdom, the first image coming to mind is probably Big Ben. And even if you decided to attend English courses at the English School in London primarily to improve your English skills, you have to know this kind of cultural references. Indeed, the clock is one of London’s most famous landmarks and has become the symbol of the UK all over the world.
The name Big Ben does not refer to the clock tower itself, as many believe, but to the thirteen-ton bell hung within. It is located at the north-eastern end of The Palace of Westminster. Londoners are very proud of it as Big Ben holds the title of the world’s largest four-faced chiming clock. As soon as you leave your English course, you shouldn’t miss to visit this popular attraction.
The Palace of Westminster is also known as The Houses of Parliament. It consists of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Parliament celebrates this year its 150th anniversary. If you are interested in the English political system, you can take advantage of your stay at the English School in London to visit The Houses of Parliament to watch proceedings from the public gallery. Otherwise, if you are interested in art, bring your camera with you: The Houses of Parliament overlook the Thames and, especially by night, it probably offers the most beautiful and photogenic sight in London.
Just half an hour journey by train from the English School in London, The Palace of Westminster and its famous clock Big Ben are definitely the landmarks to see in London.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Prepare Your English

Coming to England to attend English Courses is the better way to improve your English skills. But the best way to optimise and perfectly enjoy all opportunities to develop your knowledge of the English language and culture is to prepare for the journey before leaving.
In the street, with your new friends or even attending English Courses, you would probably find it difficult to understand some of the people speaking to you. That’s why you need to train yourself. It is very easy and is likely to become entertaining. For example, some weeks before, spend some time every day watching your favourite series and movies in English. What a funny way to get your ears used to the English language!
You can also read some magazines, newspapers or any other book you like in English. It would enable you to recognize some idiomatic expressions and, above all, learn them. In addition, it would be useful for you to choose what you need to learn and practice during your journey in England.
Indeed, get prepared to face any difficulties learning by heart some useful phrases for when you first arrive. Whether with your host family or in a residence with your new friends, you will definitely need some quotidian English terms and expressions. Do not wait for your English courses to prepare yourself.
Another important practical suggestion is to plan your time in England. When you are not attending English Courses, organise your free time in order not to lose a minute. Remember to get a guidebook if it is your first stay in England.
Lastly, before closing your suitcase, remember to bring with you a bi-lingual dictionary. It will save you from difficulties and misunderstandings.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Twin’s Buddy Club

As part of the social programme theTwin English School in London offers its students the Buddy Club. The aim of this club is to bring the foreign students together in order that they have the possibility to meet different cultures. Every student attending an English course in London has the chance to meet new people and make friends at the events organised by the Buddy Club. These events include excursions, football matches and parties in London. If there are new students attending the English course in London they sure won’t be lonely joining the Buddy Club of the Twin English School in London.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Typical Traditional English Food and Drinks

Each year, the UK and mainly London welcome a lot of foreign students, just like you, coming here to improve their English. Such an experience not only provides you with the opportunity of learning English but also enable you to discover another culture. And one of the best and delicious ways of discovering a foreign culture is to share some traditional dishes.

A Sunday with a familyLiving in a host family can be a good solution for you to discover what a traditional Sunday lunch is in England. It consists of Roast Beef (served with two different kinds of vegetables and potatoes) and Yorkshire pudding. It is often eaten at midday.

During the rest of the week, your typical breakfast is likely to be a bowl of cereals, a slice of toast, orange juice and a cup of coffee. But if you choose to book a bedroom in a hotel in England, you will probably be provided with a traditional English breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms).

Wherever you are making your journey in England, you can always spend time for lunch with your friends. Between two English courses or excursions with your group, and unless you have taken with you a ‘packed lunch’ (which traditionally consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink), try the English traditional take-away food, globally known as ‘fish and chips’.

Tea breaksOne of the traditional specificities of England is being a tea-drinking nation. More than a habit, it’s a ritual at 11 am and 4 pm… even if it has evolved with the English way of life, in particular with the working hours. Wherever you go in London, Eastbourne, Salisbury or anywhere else in England, you will find a warm and cosy tearoom to have a rest savoring biscuits after your English course. Don’t worry if tea… is not your cup of tea, as coffee is nowadays as popular in England as tea is.

Multicultural Football

My name is Filippo, I come from Italy and I attended an English course at the Twin English School in London. I have chosen to join an English course in London because I love the city and I really have to improve my English language skill, that’s very important for our lives.
The experience of Twin English School in London has taught me that in order to learn English quickly I need many friends to practice my speaking skills.
For these reasons Twin English School in London has organised meetings with other students, coming from abroad, and clubs to make new acquaintances.
Playing sports, like football can be another way to meet other students. The English School in London has organised several football matches where I’ve met different people and had the opportunity to invite someone to go out with me at the weekend.
I had a good impression of the first match, the environment was friendly and there were many pretty girls supporting the teams. During the match I saw different styles of playing football and the supporters were cheering for all the players and teams. Everybody was integrated in the group and at the end of the match there was only one winner called friendship
I think by meeting other cultures and people you only make new experiences and the different meetings will expand your horizon.
Filippo Nardin form Italy

Friday, February 06, 2009

Must see places in London

The Natural History Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10- 17.50h
The Natural History Museum in London is one of the biggest museums of natural history in the world and it contains Millions of exhibits portraying different ages of the evolution. From skeletons of dinosaurs over fossils to minerals everything can be found in the different sections of the museum clarifying the coherence in nature. While being a student of the English School in London plan a visit to this extraordinary museum.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10-17.45h
Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington London is home of the biggest design and art collection of the world. Visit V&A and you will immerge into a wonderful world of Ceramics, Architecture, Sculptures, Metalwork and Jewellery and Accessories. Take some friends form the English School in London and spend an unforgettable afternoon at V&A.

The Science Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10-18.00h
The Science Museum in South Kensington London demonstrates the progress of research and technology. The museum consists of five ranks containing different galleries of Art, Energy, Environment, Medicine and Biology, Space and Transport. Plan a visit to the Science Museum with your new mates from the English School in London.

The British Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10-17.30
The British Museum in London is the biggest and most considerable museum of cultural history in the world. The museum houses about 7 Million exhibits documenting the entire cultural history of mankind form the beginning to the present day. If you are attending an English course in London you should visit this museum and discover the amazing history on your own.

English courses in London

General English Course
A good opportunity to learn general English in the UK is offered by Twin English Schools. The English course in London, Salisbury and Eastbourne starts weekly every Monday throughout the whole year. It is suitable for students of different levels. The General English course focuses on improving the speaking, listening and writing skills of each student. To score the desired results the students can choose between the following 5 courses:

Standard Course - 15 hours per week
Semi-Intensive Course - 19 hours per week
Intensive Course - 23 hours per week
Combo 5 - 15 group hours + 5 one-to-one hours per week
Combo 10 - 15 group hours + 10 one-to-one hours per week

English for Academic Purposes
Offering English for Academic Purposes Twin English School in London gives students the chance to prepare for University entry in autumn.
The English course in London starts weekly every Monday of July, August or September. The English course in London is composed of 15 hours per week of general English and 10 hours per week of Academic Preparation. Altogether the course should require about 4 to 12 weeks.

IELTS Exam PreparationThe Twin English Schools in London and Salisbury help students to prepare for their IELTS test. The students can choose between the following two English courses:

Standard + IELTS course is composed of 15 hours per week Standard English and 4 hours per week IELTS Examination Preparation. Whereas the Semi-Intensive + IELTS course consists of 15 hours per week Standard English and 4 hours per week conversation and 4 hours per week IELTS Examination Preparation.

Hotel Management Diploma (CTHCM)Hotel Management Diploma (CTHCM) is offered by Twin English School in London only and starts in January, March and September of the current year. This full course assures a paid work experience in an English company and leads to a Diploma accredited by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH).

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow in London.

Poems written by Chinese students at the English school in London
Snowing, it is
White houses and
white trees.
What a heavy snowfall.
London in snow
is a beautiful city.

By He Ruixin

Yesterday it snowed in London.
We made a big snowman with our home stay mom.
In the afternoon we slept at home and did our homework.
Yesterday we had a delicious supper.
I liked it very much.

By Zhang Zhi rui
It was snowing yesterday in London.
There were no buses, so we couldn’t go to school.
We stayed with our host family.
We went outside to build a snowman and had
a snowball fight.
While it was snowing we played outside for a long time.
I like snow.

By Yan Yue
There were no buses yesterday. It was terrible.
I spent the whole day with my host family.
I made a snowman with my roommates.

What a day in London!
By Micki Yao YuFei