Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Multicultural Football

My name is Filippo, I come from Italy and I attended an English course at the Twin English School in London. I have chosen to join an English course in London because I love the city and I really have to improve my English language skill, that’s very important for our lives.
The experience of Twin English School in London has taught me that in order to learn English quickly I need many friends to practice my speaking skills.
For these reasons Twin English School in London has organised meetings with other students, coming from abroad, and clubs to make new acquaintances.
Playing sports, like football can be another way to meet other students. The English School in London has organised several football matches where I’ve met different people and had the opportunity to invite someone to go out with me at the weekend.
I had a good impression of the first match, the environment was friendly and there were many pretty girls supporting the teams. During the match I saw different styles of playing football and the supporters were cheering for all the players and teams. Everybody was integrated in the group and at the end of the match there was only one winner called friendship
I think by meeting other cultures and people you only make new experiences and the different meetings will expand your horizon.
Filippo Nardin form Italy

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