Friday, November 28, 2008

Katherina's Life in Britain

I’ve been working here in Great Britain for three months as au pair, and within these three months I’ve experienced a lot.
I haven’t been to England before. So it was a great challenge for me to come along with speaking English every day, with the unfamiliar feeling of British people concerning driving on the left side and with a lot of other things as well.
I have to admit that I’ve not only gone through happy times with my host family, but also had to cope with sad moments. In these situations, phone calls with my family and “meetings” with an old friend of mine perked me up because sometimes it can be a bit hard when you have to look after a quite bossy four-year-old child if he is in a bad mood.
The opportunity of taking some lessons at school is very important for me, because on the one hand I can improve my English knowledge and enrich my vocabularies and on the other hand the “funny learning” is some change of the usual duties and sometimes chores and an other positive aspect is that you get in touch with other people.
I think I’ve already got to know a lot of beautiful places in Great Britain and I’m happy about having had the chance to visit them.

By Katharina Broger,
A student at Twin English College Salisbury

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day Trip to Winchester

Hello, my name is Miguel and I am a student at the Twin Salisbury English School.

Last Saturday we went to Winchester, we wanted to do an excursion near to Salisbury, because we had decided to spend only one day there.
Winchester is one hour away from Salisbury. You need to take a train to Southampton (30 minutes far away) and from there another train to Winchester (15 minutes more). If you do the travel in a group of four or more people, the ticket is cheaper than if you go alone. In Winchester you must visit its Cathedral, its College, Jane Austen’s house, the Great Hall, the city centre and a lot more places. You will spend a very nice day like we did. Enjoy!

By Miguel Orellana,
A student at Twin English College Salisbury

Stratford Upon Havon, Home of Shakespeare

In my opinion Stratford is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen. This city is really wonderful. One of the biggest reasons that I visited Stratford was because it is Shakespeare’s homecity. I can suggest to you, that when you arrive there, at the beginning it’s better to visit the Holy Trinity Church, where you can find Shakespeare and his family’s grave. Also it is essential to visit the Shakespeare theatre where you can enjoy Romeo and Juliet for example. And of course his house, really autentic and historic from the 17th century, you can see where William Shakespeare was born, his bed, where he wrote some of his biggest works and his general lifestyle.

By Desislava Koleva,
A Twin Student attending English College Salisbury

Hitomi's London Experience

London is the center of the United Kingdom. You know, there are a lot of famous tourist attractions; Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the British Museum, British Airways London Eye and so on. You can go to London only one hours and half from Salisbury, so you can enjoy visiting these places on weekend.

I am attending an English Course in Salisbury at the moment but London is easy to travel to from there. I can also see the English School in London when I visit there.

You can enjoy not only tourist attractions but also entertainment, for example discos and pubs. London is so cool and I hope to enjoy my stay here.

By Hitomi Hiroi,
A Student at Twin English College Salisbury

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rita's First Impressions of Salisbury

Although I have been to England before, I had never been to Salisbury. This is a wonderful small city, with friendly people, beautiful churches and building with lots of Character. Its Cathedral has got the highest spire in England and it is well worth to pay a visit. I live approximately 6 miles away from Salisbury in a small town called Wilton, from where the country gets its name “Wiltshire”. If you like the country side, you will find a variety of country side walks, which are very nice. Wilton is also the home of the earl of Pemeberton and as you approach the town you can see the extraordinary “Wilton House”. You can visit it from April-Sept.

In Wilton, there is also an “Italiarice Church” Which I think is a Romanic treasure. I live just opposite this Church in a small house, attached to our host family home. The house is very convenient for me because it gives me independence and privacy. I can cook my own food and because the house is equipped with a washing machine I can even do my laundry!!

By Rita Garvi

Hyong-Kong Lee's English Course Experience

Hi, my name is Hyong-Kong Lee. Coming to England to learn English has some benefits. At first, you can make international friends. Many students who study English come from different countries, especially European students. It is easier for them to go to England than to go to America or Australia. Secondly, it is easy to travel to another country. For example, most of Korean students have a dream to travel to European countries. Therefore it will be a two-bird-one-stone solution for them.

Salisbury, where I have been studying an an English Course, is a small city. I like it here, because I don’t like big, busy and crowded cities. Also my host family are so kind and friendly that I feel like I am living with my family. It’s also convenient. I have three weeks to go to Korea and when I go there I will never forget life in England.

By Hyung-Kon Lee,
A South Korean student at Twin College Salisbury

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Salisbury, the Stylish and Historic City

If you yearn for countryside style, I must recommend Salisbury. This is my best choice.

Salisbury is located South and West area in English, it is near Winchester, Southampton, Bath and Bournemouth. In Salisbury you can see bright green grassland , amazing buildings, then you can meet friendly people, and you can eat delicious scones, and of course other food.
One famous building – Salisbury Cathedral, it has already had 750 years of history, and home of the best preserved original Magna Carta.

If you want explore ancient landscape, absolutely say Stonehenge, it will take 40-45 minutes from Salisbury to Stonehenge by bus. After you arrive there, you have no idea how huge the place is and how magic the “stones” are!!

In twin I come from Taiwan , until now I have not yet met the same as my nationality, it’s a small melting pot, I met Spainish, Belgarian, Thai, Czech, Venezuelan; Arabian and Japanese people. Here we only have same common language – English. Ha!Ha! you can imagine how your English Language improves fast.

I do hope you can explore this City and this country more than me.

Your sincerely,


Friday, November 14, 2008

Nightlife At My English Course

Hello, my name is Abdelkader and I am a student at the Twin English School in London. I have been here now for a few months, and I have really enjoyed it, including the activities organised by Twin.

Last week we went to the Fuse Bar and it was a fantastic evening. I was able to get to know many of the guys in my class and spent the night speaking with them. I believe the bar idea was a very good one because it gave students the chance to practise their English and we could get to know each other more.

By Adbelkader Brahim,
A Twin English School student from Mauritiana

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twin Group

Twin Group aims to Change lives through work, languages, training and travel. Twin has recently received an award from the Language Travel Magazine for it's excellence in the "Work Experience Provider" category.

This blog will provide information and personal opinions of students that have attended Twin Schools across the UK, in hope that it will prove to be useful to international students considering travelling to learn English.
Twin Group claims and approves of all the articles posted on this blog.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First Impressions of London

I arrived in London on Saturday evening, at around 12am. I then started my English Course on Monday morning at 9am. The first thing I did was make a grammar test and then I started the lesson. My English Course in London is from Monday to Friday and starts every day at 9am in the morning and finished at 12.30pm every afternoon.

I have one teacher at my English School in London, and her name is Silvia. She gives us very good lessons and she is very friendly when she teaches. Silvia teaches us every day the English Grammar and pronunciation, which at first was difficult but now it is easier because of Silvia's good teaching.

We have a small class of only six people, but I think this is good because I get more teaching. In the end I would say that the Twin English School in London is serious and professional in helping people to learn English and finding work placements.

By Altan Tezcan,
A Twin English School Student