Friday, November 21, 2008

Hyong-Kong Lee's English Course Experience

Hi, my name is Hyong-Kong Lee. Coming to England to learn English has some benefits. At first, you can make international friends. Many students who study English come from different countries, especially European students. It is easier for them to go to England than to go to America or Australia. Secondly, it is easy to travel to another country. For example, most of Korean students have a dream to travel to European countries. Therefore it will be a two-bird-one-stone solution for them.

Salisbury, where I have been studying an an English Course, is a small city. I like it here, because I don’t like big, busy and crowded cities. Also my host family are so kind and friendly that I feel like I am living with my family. It’s also convenient. I have three weeks to go to Korea and when I go there I will never forget life in England.

By Hyung-Kon Lee,
A South Korean student at Twin College Salisbury

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Anonymous said...

Salisbury is amazing! I took an English course there and the city is so charming. I want to go back!