Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First Impressions of London

I arrived in London on Saturday evening, at around 12am. I then started my English Course on Monday morning at 9am. The first thing I did was make a grammar test and then I started the lesson. My English Course in London is from Monday to Friday and starts every day at 9am in the morning and finished at 12.30pm every afternoon.

I have one teacher at my English School in London, and her name is Silvia. She gives us very good lessons and she is very friendly when she teaches. Silvia teaches us every day the English Grammar and pronunciation, which at first was difficult but now it is easier because of Silvia's good teaching.

We have a small class of only six people, but I think this is good because I get more teaching. In the end I would say that the Twin English School in London is serious and professional in helping people to learn English and finding work placements.

By Altan Tezcan,
A Twin English School Student

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