Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Carolina’s London Experience

I have to confess that I came to London with just one objective in my mind; “to improve my English”. But after 3 weeks here I realised that I am learning much more than a language.

I arrived 3 weeks ago in a country which I have never been to before, to a house that wasn’t mine, with people I have never met in my life but in spite of all this I’ve never felt lonely in fact I felt very supported and welcomed.

As the weeks went on, I realised met very nice and friendly people who make me feel as if I were at home. My school mate, my host family, my teacher and all the staff working here (including the football team!), all of them are my new English family.

Since this is my last week in London I expect to enjoy it till the end with these wonderful people I’ve met.

By Carolina Coscia,
A Twin English School London Student from Argentina