Friday, November 21, 2008

Rita's First Impressions of Salisbury

Although I have been to England before, I had never been to Salisbury. This is a wonderful small city, with friendly people, beautiful churches and building with lots of Character. Its Cathedral has got the highest spire in England and it is well worth to pay a visit. I live approximately 6 miles away from Salisbury in a small town called Wilton, from where the country gets its name “Wiltshire”. If you like the country side, you will find a variety of country side walks, which are very nice. Wilton is also the home of the earl of Pemeberton and as you approach the town you can see the extraordinary “Wilton House”. You can visit it from April-Sept.

In Wilton, there is also an “Italiarice Church” Which I think is a Romanic treasure. I live just opposite this Church in a small house, attached to our host family home. The house is very convenient for me because it gives me independence and privacy. I can cook my own food and because the house is equipped with a washing machine I can even do my laundry!!

By Rita Garvi

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