Thursday, November 20, 2008

Salisbury, the Stylish and Historic City

If you yearn for countryside style, I must recommend Salisbury. This is my best choice.

Salisbury is located South and West area in English, it is near Winchester, Southampton, Bath and Bournemouth. In Salisbury you can see bright green grassland , amazing buildings, then you can meet friendly people, and you can eat delicious scones, and of course other food.
One famous building – Salisbury Cathedral, it has already had 750 years of history, and home of the best preserved original Magna Carta.

If you want explore ancient landscape, absolutely say Stonehenge, it will take 40-45 minutes from Salisbury to Stonehenge by bus. After you arrive there, you have no idea how huge the place is and how magic the “stones” are!!

In twin I come from Taiwan , until now I have not yet met the same as my nationality, it’s a small melting pot, I met Spainish, Belgarian, Thai, Czech, Venezuelan; Arabian and Japanese people. Here we only have same common language – English. Ha!Ha! you can imagine how your English Language improves fast.

I do hope you can explore this City and this country more than me.

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