Friday, November 28, 2008

Katherina's Life in Britain

I’ve been working here in Great Britain for three months as au pair, and within these three months I’ve experienced a lot.
I haven’t been to England before. So it was a great challenge for me to come along with speaking English every day, with the unfamiliar feeling of British people concerning driving on the left side and with a lot of other things as well.
I have to admit that I’ve not only gone through happy times with my host family, but also had to cope with sad moments. In these situations, phone calls with my family and “meetings” with an old friend of mine perked me up because sometimes it can be a bit hard when you have to look after a quite bossy four-year-old child if he is in a bad mood.
The opportunity of taking some lessons at school is very important for me, because on the one hand I can improve my English knowledge and enrich my vocabularies and on the other hand the “funny learning” is some change of the usual duties and sometimes chores and an other positive aspect is that you get in touch with other people.
I think I’ve already got to know a lot of beautiful places in Great Britain and I’m happy about having had the chance to visit them.

By Katharina Broger,
A student at Twin English College Salisbury

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