Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 10 Business English words and phrases

In any language, the words that people use when they are working are very different to the words they use with their friends or family. English is no exception to this rule.

Knowing the correct words to use can be the difference between getting fired or promoted! Here are the top 10 words and phrases that you need to know when you are working in the UK or any other English speaking country.

  • Colleague – Someone who works in the same company as you.
  • Co-worker – This is another popular word which means the same as colleague.
  • Product – Something which a business sells in order to make money.
  • Report – A collection of information that has been gathered in one document.
  • Profit – The money that a business makes from selling its products or services.

  • Employee – Someone who works for a business or company.
  • Department – Each company has many departments doing different things, for example sales and marketing are two different departments because they achieve different results for the company.
  • Marketing – Marketing is promoting the products or services of a business to people who might want to buy them.
  • Customers- These are the people who buy the products or services from your company!

How many did you know? Tell us your favourite Business English words in the comments below or check out the Business English lessons from Twin to learn even more

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