Friday, February 06, 2009

Must see places in London

The Natural History Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10- 17.50h
The Natural History Museum in London is one of the biggest museums of natural history in the world and it contains Millions of exhibits portraying different ages of the evolution. From skeletons of dinosaurs over fossils to minerals everything can be found in the different sections of the museum clarifying the coherence in nature. While being a student of the English School in London plan a visit to this extraordinary museum.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10-17.45h
Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington London is home of the biggest design and art collection of the world. Visit V&A and you will immerge into a wonderful world of Ceramics, Architecture, Sculptures, Metalwork and Jewellery and Accessories. Take some friends form the English School in London and spend an unforgettable afternoon at V&A.

The Science Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10-18.00h
The Science Museum in South Kensington London demonstrates the progress of research and technology. The museum consists of five ranks containing different galleries of Art, Energy, Environment, Medicine and Biology, Space and Transport. Plan a visit to the Science Museum with your new mates from the English School in London.

The British Museum
Admission: free
Daily: 10-17.30
The British Museum in London is the biggest and most considerable museum of cultural history in the world. The museum houses about 7 Million exhibits documenting the entire cultural history of mankind form the beginning to the present day. If you are attending an English course in London you should visit this museum and discover the amazing history on your own.

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