Friday, February 13, 2009

Prepare Your English

Coming to England to attend English Courses is the better way to improve your English skills. But the best way to optimise and perfectly enjoy all opportunities to develop your knowledge of the English language and culture is to prepare for the journey before leaving.
In the street, with your new friends or even attending English Courses, you would probably find it difficult to understand some of the people speaking to you. That’s why you need to train yourself. It is very easy and is likely to become entertaining. For example, some weeks before, spend some time every day watching your favourite series and movies in English. What a funny way to get your ears used to the English language!
You can also read some magazines, newspapers or any other book you like in English. It would enable you to recognize some idiomatic expressions and, above all, learn them. In addition, it would be useful for you to choose what you need to learn and practice during your journey in England.
Indeed, get prepared to face any difficulties learning by heart some useful phrases for when you first arrive. Whether with your host family or in a residence with your new friends, you will definitely need some quotidian English terms and expressions. Do not wait for your English courses to prepare yourself.
Another important practical suggestion is to plan your time in England. When you are not attending English Courses, organise your free time in order not to lose a minute. Remember to get a guidebook if it is your first stay in England.
Lastly, before closing your suitcase, remember to bring with you a bi-lingual dictionary. It will save you from difficulties and misunderstandings.

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