Friday, February 27, 2009

School’s Parties

Organising Parties can be very important in order to create a good atmosphere inside the school and to forget all the differences between the different students. It is normal to go the Twin English School in London and to see a lot of student groups from all over the world.
A party is a great opportunity to meet all the students, because one thing we all have in common is the desire to enjoy ourselves.
Every week the Twin English School in London organises parties in clubs or students' houses. I really enjoyed the St. Valentine’s Party on 12th February at Piccadilly Circus. You could only enter the club if you were a student thus we could get to know students from other English Schools in London.
The club where the party took place was very beautiful, nice and not very expensive. The students liked it so much that they wanted to repeat the party every week.
All after school activities are very important, that’s why Twin offers the social programme. Providing several activities the students can see how the Twin English School in London cares about their students.
In the end I can say that it is useful to go to the parties in order to settle in in the UK. I can only speak for myself but the social programme really helped me get used to life in London.

Filippo Nardin from Italy

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