Monday, July 06, 2009

Fantastic Harrods!

Here London, there are many shops.
Among them, many tourists go to Harrods.
And I'm also a tourist.
They sell in diverse products, such as furniture, home appliance and musical instrument as well as fashion items.
That's why various clothing is that collaborated with a washing machine, an iron, a bed and so on, are displayed in the shop windows.
Something interesting thing is that you will be able to find Egyptian atmosphere when you get on an escalator in the Harrods.
According to the information, one man, who is from Egypt, has bought out the Harrods.
So Sphinx of sculpture has been placed around the store.
It shows his affection about his motherland.
As Harrods is one of the famous tourist spot, they sell their own products as well.
It takes up much space in the lower ground floor and it also treats many sorts of goods.
Most of all, tea, which is one of the own goods of Harrods, is sold so much to customers.
Harrods it seems like sort of exhibition compared with the other stores.
When you get there you must be fascinated with its climate.

by Korean CDP student MinKyoung

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