Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sophia's London Experience

With time going by I came to London. It is my first time in London. Before I came to London I heard many interesting things about London. London is the best city in England. It is the political, economic and cultural centre of England. Only by visiting London can we have a better understanding of culture in England.

Many other country's people want to take English nationality after they visited London. The weather in London changes from season to season . In the summer the weather very cool, because London is not far from the sea. In the winter the weather in London is very comfortable. Sometimes London will be snowy in winter.

There are many large buildings in London. I live with my host family and I am very happy there. When I arrived on the first day, their house called up memories of my childhood. They are very friendly and warm. When I face many difficult things my host famliy will tell me "you'll pull through. It will teach you a lesson to be free from failure." I am very happy to live with them.

It is important for me to take every chance to live life to the fullest in London. I adapt to the new life in London very quickly. Their food very delicious. Every day I had a big dinner. In London you can go to the beach not far from London. Such as Seven Sisters. It is a very good beach. You will feel the breeze beside the beach and it is very refreshing.

The famous food in London are fish and chips. English people like cheese but I don't like cheese. Even if I don't like it I can adapt to London life. Generally speaking I have a colourful life in London. It can help me to open my eyes about the world. With the development of society London will more and more popular.

By Sophia, An Chinese Student in London

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