Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sami & Cathy go to Eastbourne

Hi! Our names are Sami and Cathy, and we are students from China. We have been here one month now in the Twin English School in Eastbourne.

We all know England's weather is changable, including Eastbourne's. This is our first time in Eastbourne. So we were feeling not very well because the weather in Beijing is not wet. It is often rainy and windy, but it is not very cold. I think England's kind of climate maybe is good for our health with clean and fresh air.

Eastbourne is near the sea so we often go to seaside with our friends at weekands. We like walking along the beach and chatting with each other. The sunshine is good and there are many old couples enjoying it. Because of this beatiful sightseeing all of us are very happy.

When we were new here, we did not know how to got to some places such as the school and host family. At that time we recieved a lot of help from passers by. We felt very welcomed in this strange country. So we think English people are very friendly and warm-hearted. We all enjoy life in our host family. The host mother is very kind and helpful. I think English food is quite different from our Chinese food. At the beginning, we were unaccustomed to this kind of food, but now we think it is very delicious. We like it. In the UK, fish and chips is popular food.

All in all, we absoulutely enjoy studying in Eastbourne and attending the English Course. This will be the best memory in our lives.

Sami and Cathy, Chinese Students at Twin English School Eastbourne

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