Thursday, October 23, 2008

Karine & Veronica's Eastbourne Impressions

We just arrived in Eastbourne, so we will just talk about our first impressions. Eastbourne is a little friendly town, very sunny, with looks like quite unusual. Some teacher told us to not go out without an umbrella, which sound like a good idea...

We're here to improve our English skills, and for that we have courses all the day. The teachers are very friendly, and the courses are quite funny. Thanks to Twin school, we have a social organiser who makes trips around Eastbourne, to visit and make friends. We can meet a lot of differents nationalities from all over the world, wich is very important because to have a conversation we must use English. There is also a lot of different accents which sometimes makes understanding quite difficult. But everybody is very nice and makes efforts to understand and reward if needed.

We're now talking about our personnal experience.
K : My accomodation is in a family, really near the twin centre, which is very useful. They're very nice, the lady takes care of me, and they have a very happy young baby. They also have a cat, wich is very nice. A quite surprising thing is that the dinner is at 5:30 pm...I'm a French student and we usually have dinner between 7 and 8 pm...But everybody is nice with me so it will be fine.

V: Here in Eastbourne I'm living with my aunty and my uncle in a lovely house with a little garden. I'm here in England because I need to pass my IELTS to go to university in Eastbourne. At mornings I'm working in a book company and at the afternoon I come to Twin to learn English.

We both think coming to Eastbourne is a very good way to learn English.

Karine and Veronica

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