Friday, October 17, 2008

The English Course Experience

English courses are an integral tool in the improvement, or development of learning English. There is no better environment to learn English than in an English School attending an English Course in England.

English is widely acknowledged as the most widely spoken language in the world, with an estimated 330,000,000 primary English Speakers. English is spoken in an astounding amount of nations; 115 of the 194 countries in the world, be that 84 of those a mixed version of English. Therefore, English appears to be an incredibly useful language to learn for foreign students, and surely the best possible way to learn English is to attend an English Course in an English School in its country of origin; England. There are tens of thousands of foreign students studying abroad, many of whom are attending English courses in English schools. Many of the best English schools and English Courses for foreign students are situated in London. Not only is excellent education offered to the students studying abroad, the richly cultural and historical city has a huge amount to offer in terms of sights and sounds to the students attending English schools in London. Whether the student is attending the English course for their university degree, or they simply want to learn English from native speakers in an English School, London is widely accepted as the most forward, trendy and beautiful city in England. Therefore London is the best choice of location to choose your English Course and English School.

From past experience of working at an English school, I have met and worked with people from all across the globe attending English Courses. Koreans, Saudi Arabians, Ecuadorians, the list of nationalities go on and on, however every single person proved to be hard working and left with an improved level of English having attended their English course in London. It didn’t matter what past experience of English speaking they had, or their level of English. The students left their English School having had a fun and educational experience in their English Course, as well as having absorbed the plethora of sights and sounds London has to offer.

Ultimately, people attend an English School to have the ability to communicate with other people in a different language to their own through an English Course. Having the ability to communicate in a different language gives people the resource to meet new people and make new friends. Making friends and increasing the amount you communicate in English are the pillars of the English Course experience. Many of the past students I have worked with in the Twin English School still keep in touch with each other, still communicating in English having followed a career utilising the English Language Skills they obtained at the English Course they attended in London.

Therefore taking an English Course in an English School in London can be a positive tool in changing the course of your life, as it provides excellent prospectives for your future career, the ability to make new friends and also an incredible experience in the Capital.

James Ong-Fox