Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first impressions of London

My first impressions about London are very good.
I got information’s about my accommodation, my internship, and my English school before my departure.
I was cordially welcomed at my first day at the English school in London.It’s easy to catch up with other students and make new friends. Besides grammar, spelling
and pronunciation, conversation a big part of the lessons. I learnt it all with fun and enjoyment. (Also the teacher took time during his break, when we had some questions about situations we were in and don’t know what we should have done or what people meant.)
I made my internship in a company, where everybody was very nice. They helped me if I had questions and really wanted to teach me.
You can go to Twin Internship department and talk to your contact person, if you aren’t pleased with something. They will help you as they helped me.
Of course I liked it to be in London! You can see so many things and go shopping. I knew London is very expensive, but there are plenty of museums you can go and don’t have to pay anything. So I saved a little bit of my money and can go to Madame Tussauds and made a trip to Brighton.
Yes, there are things I don’t like. Someone stole my camera! But that’s not a fault of the organisation. I thought my camera was save. So be careful with your things when you are in the city.
To sum up I would do it again!

By Franziska Schneider