Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Football in England!

England has a lot of things.
Football is very famous in England.
English people love football matches.
I went to Chelsea and Arsenal stadium.
It is very easy to get there.
You just have to get off in Arsenal underground station.
I am interested in each team having stadium.
Chelsea is sponsored by Korea company "Samsung"
When I saw the brand name in the stadium, I was proud of that.
Because I am Korean.
Unfortunately, I couldn't join the stadium tour, because I arrived late.
If you want to see stadium, you'd better check the time of stadium tour.
Each team has souvenir shops.
There you can find clothes,football's instruments,cups,balls etc.
Before I go back country, I will absolutely watch a big matches!
Coming to England to learn English means having the chance to visit fantastic places like stadiums.
If you come to England to study English, plan your trip and the places you would like to visit.
by HyeKyoung Kim from Korea.

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