Tuesday, July 15, 2014

English & Accommodation Spectacular Summer Offer

Now, long time readers of our blog will know we hardly ever advertise here, but this is an offer we felt you needed to know about! Many of you looking to find English courses will often find that most companies always seem to lack in two areas. Price and accommodation. We believe that a well-rested mind is an attentive mind, and without decent accommodation, what’s the point of trying to learn? You’ll be grumpy and groggy, and will not want to pay full attention to the fantastic English course. With our super summer offer you’ll be saving bundles of cash and improving your English in next to no time.

Well what’s included?

Many of you are probably wondering just what is included with the course, so let’s have a look. First of all is the price. The longer you stay, the greater the discounts, giving you even more incentive to boost those English grades. If you stay eight weeks or more, the price drops to £170 a week, that’s a £48 drop from the original £218 a week! And for those of you, who only want to stay a few weeks, don’t worry! You’ll still get a great discount, so why not check the website for full price listings and find something that suits your needs.

And now to see what’s actually included with the price.  Well for starters, you’ll get your very own Twin two person room in a shared flat in zone 2/3 in North London for accommodation, and then fifteen hours a week of general English tuition. To ensure that the course is catered to your skill level, there will be a language placement assessment from the start to give you the best opportunity to improve and place you in the correct class. This will cover grammar, oral, and writing. You will also receive progress monitoring by the teacher every month and tutorials every fortnight designed to help you become the best you can. On top of all this is personal access to Twin’s e-Learning facilities, from the start of the course to an extra 3 months after completion! And of course, at the end you will receive a personalised assessment of your progress and a certificate of achievement, and the ability to brag about all your newfound English skills!

Where do I sign!?

Hold up, obviously there are a few conditions that must be met before you can take the course, but for more details and how to book, just follow this link:

Everything you need to know will be on our website. We hope you really enjoy our special summer offer, but do remember it’s not going to be here forever, so book soon! Have a great summer (while it lasts), and we wish you the best of luck with your English courses.