Monday, April 28, 2014

Apps that can help you learn English

When learning English you need all the help you can get. Playing around with apps on your phone can make a real difference in helping to keep your English skills in top condition. Read about which apps could benefit you the most and get ready to download some awesome learning tools from the app store.
The first app to get you started is ‘Learn English Grammar’. This app will help you revise all different kinds of grammar used in the English language, and will help you speak English fluently without making mistakes with tenses. We understand that grammar can be the annoying and tedious part of learning English, but ‘Learn English Grammar’ makes it as fun as possible! Multiple choice questions and sentence ordering practice tasks are available, offering an amazing way of picking up the language quickly while having fun at the same time. It’s free to download, but after a few taster lessons you will need to pay to continue using it.

Next up is ‘WordPower Learn American English Vocabulary’. This app is for those of you who have mastered the language and think it’s now time to perfect your vocabulary. It provides examples of word order and how to use vocabulary in a variety of sentences. This app only offers vocabulary practice so if your grammar isn’t the best, maybe download the app in the previous paragraph before moving on. Also, it’s free with no further payments!

This next app is our personal favourite; it’s called ‘Learning English Through Stories’. At Twin we believe that reading regularly is truly one of the best ways of learning English and so we strongly recommend it. Don’t be put off by the fact that a section of the app is titled ‘Children’s Stories’; the stories can be enjoyed by all ages. It is proven that you learn more when you’re having fun and ‘Learning English Through Stories’ does just that. You have the option of listening to stories or reading them, both great ways of learning vocabulary. It’s unique as you are able to hear how the words are pronounced and this gives new learners a huge advantage in understanding pronunciation. This app is free too! 

The last app we will be sharing with you is ‘Learn English’. Despite the simple name, this app has a lot of uses when it comes to learning English. It offers a unique multi-language interface allowing you to translate the app into several languages to help you understand the questions and scenarios. ‘Learn English’ mainly consists of videos giving lessons on grammar and expressions. The reviews of the videos are very good, so it seems this app will provide you with a different and fun way of learning English.  

There you have it; the best apps for learning English on your phone or tablet. We hope you learn from these apps, and make sure you get back to us and give us your opinion on them. Good luck and happy learning everyone!