Monday, December 17, 2012

Learn English with Santa

If you are in the UK in December you will probably hear people talking about Santa Claus. As we all know, Santa brings everybody presents while they are asleep on December 24th, but he can also teach you English!

Here is a list of words associated with Santa that you can use to help you improve your English vocabulary!

Sleigh - This is what Santa uses to travel round the world delivering presents to everyone who has been good all year.

Reindeer - These are the animals that Santa uses to pull his sleigh all around the world in one night. They must be very fast!

Chimney - This is how Santa enters your house so he can give you your present. Chimneys are normally used to let the smoke from a fire escape, so don't light a fire on the 24th December or Santa might get burnt feet!

Jingle bells - Santa is thought to have bells on the back of his sleigh that ring when his reindeer pull him through the sky to deliver his presents to people. These are also sometimes called sleigh bells. Have you ever heard bells ringing on December 24th? Maybe you heard Santa!

Carrots and mince pies - It is traditional to leave a carrot and a mince pie out for Santa and his reindeer to eat. Santa eats the mince pie and his reindeer eat the carrot. Delivering presents all around the world in one night must make them hungry!

Ho Ho Ho! - This is Santa's catchphrase, which he is known all over the world for saying because he is always happy, especially at Christmas time!

Now that you know more about Santa and the words associated with him, listen to the song below and tell us in the comments section how much you understood. Happy Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Nice post student should know about learn english online

Danny said...

That is a really nice article. I think Santa decided to stay longer in the UK this year, that's why winter is long and harsh ;)
Good luck with blogging!