Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New life in London

Most people think that coming to London and leaving behind their old life is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. But usually people are limited to talking and don’t act. This is one of these stories about people who came to London looking for new choices and new memories and came back with a new life.

This story begins like many others. I don’t remember exactly if it was in a flat, in a school or in a bar. However it happened, a group of people from different parts of the world met each other in London, the city that seems like the capital of the world.

Was it destiny or simply the essence of this city that made their relationships remain until today? One of these relationships changed and we became best friends. The first time my friend came to London was six years ago. She came to improve her English, because she wanted to be an English teacher. Last year she came back looking for some experience as a teacher after finishing her degree. And now, surprisingly, she is happily married and lives in Brazil.  But we will have to start at the beginning because that is another story.

The first time that she was in London wasn’t so easy. Everyone knows that beginnings are never easy but knowing that is not the same as living it. The first trip was amazing but also a hard experience. The first lesson that she learned was: ‘check transport information before you travel’. In London most weekends are used to fix the underground and she had great difficulty in finding her residence because of this. After one hour taking the wrong buses and tubes she arrived at her residence. Luckily several people helped her during the trip with her heavy luggage!

The second lesson that she learned was ‘don’t leave your dictionary at the airport although your bags are overweight. You need it!’ The issue was that when she arrived at her residence, she didn´t understand anything, she could only go to her room.

Another problem was that when she opened the door to her room there wasn’t anything there, only a bed but without pillow, sheets and cover or blanket. After a silly conversation where no one understood each other, she managed to explain what the problem was and sorted it out.

The third lesson that she learned was ‘mind the gap means mind the gap please!’ When you’ve heard this advice a thousand times, you don’t continue listening but it’s a mistake! When you get to this state and worse if you have drunk some beer, you have to be especially careful. Another less dangerous but still important thing that can happen in these circumstances is that you can lose a shoe!

Be careful and mind the gap!

That summer was definitely unforgettable and despite all the difficult moments, it was a great experience. In fact, everything that happened to her was the reason that she came back every year until last year. She has not returned because now she is living in Brazil with her husband, who she also met in London. But as I said before, this is another story that I’ll tell next month.


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