Monday, September 22, 2008

A Night Out In London

My name is Martin and I am from Argentina but now I live in Catford. I arrived in London one month ago. The reason for my trip is that I want to study and work in England, so I applied to join one of Twin Group's English Schools in London. I prefer to speak and to know people of different countries to improve my English, so I thought that going to an English Course in London.

I went to the Salsa Bar with my friends from my English School in London last week. The adventure started at 7 o’clock in Lewisham, where the Twin English School in London is situated. We had only one rule this night but very important. We couldn’t arrive at the Salsa Bar after 9 o’clock because if we did that we would have had to pay the entrance fee. So we waited next to “Little Ben”, the Clock Tower in Lewisham that is compared to Big Ben, for my friends. My friends arrived soon after I did, so we went to go to the Salsa Bar by bus at 7.30pm.

Our situation was very complicated because we didn’t know which bus we had to take after the first bus. The journey was very funny because we stopped all the time and we spoke with everyone we passed. We took pictures at London Bridge and St’s Paul Cathedral.
After that, finally we arrived to the Bar at 8.55 pm. We almost had to pay the entrance. When we entered the Bar the people were learning how dance salsa.

In my case, I am not a good dancer for Salsa. I tried but was very difficult for me. I preferred to drink and talk to new people. My friends from Ecuador knew how dance to this music, and they danced very well.So, the experience from that night was great. I danced and spoke with interesting and fun new people from different countries. Some of them were also attending English Schools in London. These are some of the other things London has to offer other than the many great excursions that I went on. My experience in London has been great, and I am truly happy that I attended Twin’s English Schools in London.

By Martin Almodovar, from Argentina