Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trip Review: Twin English Centres Visits Stonehenge and Bath

Thinking of going on a trip with our English Centres team? London English student Dagmar Vykoukalova went on our Stonehenge and Bath trip with Anderson Tours, and after having such a good time, shares her day with us!


Saturday 18th September 2015

Both places were wonderful, although it’s not possible to come closer to the stones in Stonehenge, (but I do appreciate why that is). I enjoyed both places a lot – Bath is a beautiful city with many attractions.

We had an excellent guide – Stacey. She knew a lot about the places where we went to, and she also gave a lot of information about the places we passed, (our meeting point was at London Bridge, so we also had a “guided ride” through London, whilst picking up the other tourists from different places). Our guide Stacey was witty and funny, with a great sense of humour. The bus driver was really skilled.

I would recommend the trip because both Stonehenge and Bath are nice and interesting places to visit. Plus, if you have such a wonderful guide, good bus driver and you are lucky with the weather like we were, you will be satisfied.

By Dagmar Vykoukalova

Check out Dagmar's photos from the trip below:
The captivating stones at Stonehenge

Break for scones and tea

Beautiful Bath

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