Monday, August 18, 2014

Things to do in London in August

August is upon us and to be honest, a lot of you guys will probably be wondering where 2014 has gone! Instead of worrying about where the last 7 months have gone though, how about making sure you make the most of the rest of the year and attend as many events as possible this month in London. This article will outline the highlights of what’s going on in London this month, and where you can go to feel the summer party vibe – perfect for filling your free time while you’re studying English with Twin!

Firstly, we have the perfect place for an evening out, and it’s just a short walk from our London English school, so you should definitely check it out after class! Lewisham’s Model Market opened at the beginning of summer, and has a really unique atmosphere. There are a variety of food stalls serving delicious treats from hotdogs to brownies, and the unusual bars, (for example, there’s a ‘Vinyl’ bar, where you can pick a wine based on a genre of music), serve a wide variety of delicious drinks. As it gets later, open fires for roasting marshmallows over really bring the market to life; make sure you make time to visit one Friday or Saturday soon!

We also have to mention one of the most famous festivals in the world, Europe’s biggest street festival – Notting Hill Carnival. This year, the festival that originated in 1964 and was designed for Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their culture and traditions, is taking place on 24th August and 25th August. You can experience the lively atmosphere with the exciting parade accompanied by uplifting beats ranging from Reggae, R&B and Salsa to Funk. There’s no need to eat beforehand, either, since you will be surrounded by the aromas of traditional Caribbean food coming from stalls serving a variety of delicious food such as jerk chicken, patties and curries and many more.

Our final recommendation for August is one for film fans. Open-air cinemas have been more popular than ever in the capital this summer, so while the evenings are still pleasantly warm, we definitely think you should check one of them out. One of our favourites is the Hot Tub Cinema. Sitting in a hot tub watching a classic movie with your friends will certainly be a unique experience you won’t forget. Hurry before the current season of showings ends!

We hope you enjoyed the article and manage to visit some of these awesome happenings in August, especially Notting Hill Carnival, which never disappoints. Hopefully you have a great August in London, and check back soon if you’re planning on visiting in September, we’ll be sure to let you know about more great things to do!