Friday, August 22, 2014

Improve your reading in English

Reading is one of the hardest skills to master when learning the English language, as often words are not spelt the way that they are pronounced. You should always be 100% focused when reading because of this. Sometimes people like to push themselves too much and while it’s great to have that confidence, the outcome isn’t always satisfactory. You should start with reading at the level you’re at; if you’re a beginner, don’t buy an advanced book, as you will just get frustrated. This could have a negative effect on your enthusiasm and you may even start to question your ability, which you should never do! It will of course take a little effort to achieve, but Twin’s English Centres are here to support you, and their professional, friendly and qualified teachers will guide you all the way and provide you with all the resources and help you will ever need.

When you’re out and about or watching TV or listening to the radio, have a notepad handy to write words down so you can search for them online or in a dictionary later and look up their definitions. This is a great way to extend your vocabulary, as we all know that the same word could have different meanings or uses. As we are on the topic of watching TV, it’s very useful to put on subtitles when watching the news, documentaries, soaps and other programmes. That way you are hearing the correct pronunciation and you can check the spelling at the same time. Making notes like that and matching words and spellings will help speed up the process of your learning immensely.

It’s essential that you read a lot; it is very useful to read out loud, this way you will get to practise pronouncing words correctly. Also, there’s no doubt that new words will come up all the time which you can look up in a dictionary, so you’ll increase your vocabulary. The more you read the quicker the progress. Set yourself goals, use a timetable showing all the free time you have and use some of that spare time for reading. It doesn’t have to be hours, it could be just 15 minutes or half an hour a day, as much as you’re comfortable with. You could also take a book or magazine with you on the train, especially if you have a long journey; it will keep you entertained and you will be learning at the same time.

Doing quizzes with your friends can also help; memory tests such as writing words down, covering them up and trying to spell the words is a fun and easy way to learn, too.

Make sure you read something you enjoy and are interested in, be it fact, fiction, or magazines. As I mentioned before, do not forget , read at your own level until you feel you’re ready and feel confident about moving on to the stage. You could also try and read to someone else so that the can give you feedback; feedback and constructive criticism help you to learn, as people will praise the things you’re doing well already and can help you with the aspects you still need to work on.

I hope these tips will help you improve your reading and pronunciation, and soon reach the level of English you are aiming for. And don’t forget, Twin’s English Centres are here to help, so give it some thought and maybe join one of our courses!