Friday, February 28, 2014

Things to do in Eastbourne in March

Eastbourne’s March is set to be just exciting as it’s February this year, as plenty of events are lined up to entertain everyone; there’s no better time to study at Twin’s English Centre in Eastbourne than now.

On March 8th 2014, you can enjoy a fascinating evening of stargazing at the Redoubt Fortress and Military Museum with the Eastbourne Astronomical Society. This is a brilliant opportunity for new stargazers to learn the basics of spotting the best parts of the night sky, including galaxies, star clusters, constellations, nebulae, planets and the surface of the Moon. There will also be the chance for keen astronomers to discuss and exchange ideas. Feel free to bring your own telescope; you’ll learn how to get the best out of it!

The evening of March 22nd could prove to be one of fun, singing and dancing, if you choose to join in at the West Side Story film party visiting the Royal Hippodrome. The famous adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ is a great example of how timeless Shakespeare’s work is and how it is still relevant and can still be enjoyed today, in the year of his 450th birthday. So, get dressed up and get singing and dancing at this unique film experience.

Staying with the theme of Shakespeare, between 25th and 29th March, Filter Theatre Productions will be visiting the Devonshire Park Theatre to perform their interpretation of Twelfth Night. This production of one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies has been praised by critics as creative, fresh and rock-and-roll, so is sure to be accessible to any audience.

Half an hour along the coast from Eastbourne, Brighton boasts plenty of exciting things to do in March too. On 12th and 13th March there’s even more Shakespeare to enjoy at the Brighton Dome if you fancy reminding yourself of the original Romeo & Juliet story before going to the film party, and similarly to Twelfth Night, this performance is sure to be accessible as it brings Shakespeare to life using contemporary language with a live DJ soundtrack. Also on in Brighton is the Chilled to the Bone exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. The exhibition allows you to explore Ice Age Sussex; how the ice age drove evolution, why Neanderthals perished yet we survived, and what will happen if global warming destroys the ice at the north and south poles. On 29th and 30th March, for animal lovers or those just interested in trying new things, Vegfest 2014 will be coming to Brighton, with a variety of delicious plant-based foods to try. The festival will also offer plenty of entertainment in the form of live musical performances and comedy hours.

Whether you’re fascinated by space, theatre or food, Eastbourne is a great place to visit in March, and of course there’s no shortage of year-round attractions to take advantage of either, such as Eastbourne’s marina or the pier, so plan your trip today!

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