Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Studying English in the UK is a Great Way to Improve Your Language Skills

English is the most widely used language in the world, so it is a strong weapon to have in your armoury. If you can speak English and ideally if you have a qualification in it, you will go a long way. It offers so many more opportunities for working and just making life easier whilst travelling. More people than ever are looking for a job these days, being an international worker and having an English qualification or being able to communicate fluently in English makes your CV stand out from the rest. Many work places all over the world have employees of a variety of nationalities, so speaking a common language is key, and having English as a second language on your CV can be really beneficial. What are the advantages of studying English in the UK though?

Firstly, if you come to England to take an English course you are guaranteed to learn more than if you were to learn English in a non-English speaking country, as you constantly have to use English when you’re living in England. The general public will of course be using English, so you will have to use your English skills frequently to be able to communicate. For example, going into a shop and buying a drink or asking for directions or any other kind of day-to-day communication you experience will benefit your knowledge significantly. You will not only be learning the language but you will also be learning the culture of people living in England, which helps you to understand how language is used and also when certain words and phrases can be used out of context; English people are known for their strange sense of humour after all.

Coming to England to take an English course also gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the language. This experience will provide you with new and enjoyable ways to learn new words and phrases in everyday life, as well as constantly test your listening skills. This is especially true if you are staying in host family accommodation when in the UK, as you will be conversing in English before you have even sat down for breakfast!  You will also find yourself reading newspapers, magazines and signs, which is a good way of increasing your understanding of English and your vocabulary.

Another reason to come to England and immerse yourself in the language is so that you can start to understand some of the more complex use of English. After all, at times English can be very complicated and there are many sayings and phrases that English people use which can be difficult for non-native speakers to understand. For example, a common phrase in the English Language is ‘knock it on the head’. Now, this may sound quite violent, but it actually means ‘to finish’ something. There is also the added bonus of experiencing British culture while studying, and that is something which is completely free. So, if you do come to England to study, get out there and explore.

After reading this article Twin hopes the positive sides of taking an English course in England have been highlighted… To be honest, there don’t really seem to be any negative sides, do there?

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