Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top 10 Quirky Museums in London

There are many fantastic museums in London, hosting worldclass exhibitions that attract thousands of visitors each year. Everyone has heard of the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert, but many people don't realise that there are many smaller, quirkier museums in London. Here is our top ten:

1. Cartoon Museum - Holborn
This museum boasts an impressive collection of British cartoons and caricatures dating back from the 18th century to the present day. See originial Billy the Whiz and Dennis the Menace here.

2. Old Operating theatre - London bridge
Ever wondered how surgery was conducted in the 1800's? The Old Operating Theatre room tells a grim tale of how limbs were amputated without an anaesthetic, often times involving hours of hacking and chiselling by less skilled surgeons.

3. Museum of Brands and Packaging - Notting Hill
An interesting museum that holds over 12,000 brands of products and aims to educate people on how we form a relationship with a brand over a life-time. A trip down memory lane!

4. Pollocks Toy Museum - Fitzrovia
This museum is one for the adults wishing to take a trip down memory lane, with the shelves stacked high with old toys from years gone by.

5.The Crime Museum - Scotland Yard
Not usually open to the general public, and for good reason. The crime museum houses weapons that were used to commit murders, including Jack the Rippers weapons of choice.

6. The Geffrye Museum - Hackney
Is the museum of the home, and has eight main rooms where visitors can experience how people of generations past lived in their homes. From a typical middle-class living room to traditional 17th century spaces.

7. The Magic Circle Museum
Possibly one of the most interesting museums on the list - it is home to resident magicians and aims to educate people about the magic industry.

8.Sherlock Holmes Museum - Baker Street
The fictional character Sherlock Holmes was said to live at number 22 Baker Street and this is where the Sherlock Holmes museum is located. It gives people an idea about what kind of a place Mr Holmes would have lived in and brings the story to life.

9. Bank of England Museum - City of London
Ever wanted to know more about finance and banking? This museum definitely fits the bill. (pun intended).

10.World Rugby Museum - Twickenham
For the sports lover and rugby enthusiast, this comprehensive collection of memorabilia is sure to drag the supporter out of all of us.

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