Thursday, October 04, 2012

Use the best of what London have to offer you

London is maybe one of the most well connected cities in the world.

Whether by taxi, train, bus, tram or boats you can get nearly anywhere you want in London and it's divided into four main areas of transport, the London Over-ground/Under-ground, London Buses, London Tram- link, and the DLR (Docklands Light Railway).So that means that you can go from one place to another using different kind of transports to get to your wanted destination.

A really good example of a great day out with your friends is first of all to go from Lewicham where Twin English School is located to Greenwich by bus (take the bus n180) and get off at Cutty Sark, then take a boat from Greenwich Pier to Westminster and enjoy the wonderful view of London through the Thames river side.
At Westminster you can take some pictures of the heart of London with the majestic Big Ben, and then you can visit Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral one of the oldest buildings in the world, also you can go to the other side of Westminster to pose in front of the London Eye along the River Thames before continuing your journey.

Take the underground from Westminster station to Tower Hill Station via the District or Circle line, when you get off from the station you can admire the Tower of London as well as the Tower Bridge opening gates to the massive boats that goes underneath it.

Also you have to remember to take your tube/underground map which can be found in any underground station or if you have a smart phone you can download it for free from the Transport for London website so you can know the station that you need to get to/off and just in case you’re a bit lost you can ask any TFL staff member present in the underground for assistance.

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