Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Host Family of the Month

Our host parent for March is Mary Ainsworth (pictured right). She and her late husband enjoyed parenting so much that when their own children had grown up, they settled for hosting overseas students from our English School in Eastbourne. Mary has been a host mother now for 29 years, and has room for six students in her house. It is a very comfortable and welcoming house indeed.
Mary has had hundreds of students who attended English courses at the English School in Eastbourne, many of whom have stayed loyal to her over the years. She often keeps in touch with them, and has a big book of student contacts, letters and photographs. She has been invited by former students to Spain, Venezuela, Australia and New Zealand. ‘Having students from Twin English School in Eastbourne has kept me young’, says Mary. ‘It’s like having another family. My own children have got lots of friends from it.’
At the moment, Peter Song from Korea (pictured left, with Custard the cat) attending an English course at the English School in Eastbourne is staying with Mary. Peter says ‘Mary’s kitchen is like Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. The food is excellent. I can’t miss dinner time here.’
You also can attend English courses in Salisbury and in our Head Office in London

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Anonymous said...

That's so great to see Mary. I was also a student in 2005. I remember all those good plates she prepared for all the students. It was wonderful. In few days, she will have her birthday (11th of November). Thanks for this beautiful picture.
Melanie from France