Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow in London.

Poems written by Chinese students at the English school in London
Snowing, it is
White houses and
white trees.
What a heavy snowfall.
London in snow
is a beautiful city.

By He Ruixin

Yesterday it snowed in London.
We made a big snowman with our home stay mom.
In the afternoon we slept at home and did our homework.
Yesterday we had a delicious supper.
I liked it very much.

By Zhang Zhi rui
It was snowing yesterday in London.
There were no buses, so we couldn’t go to school.
We stayed with our host family.
We went outside to build a snowman and had
a snowball fight.
While it was snowing we played outside for a long time.
I like snow.

By Yan Yue
There were no buses yesterday. It was terrible.
I spent the whole day with my host family.
I made a snowman with my roommates.

What a day in London!
By Micki Yao YuFei

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Anonymous said...

Snow in London! That was really amazing! Lovely snowman! Juanse from Spain