Thursday, September 18, 2008

The International Food Affair

Hi! My name is Anna and I am currently attending an English course at one of Twin's English Schools in London.

One of the things that connect people is different food cultures in the world. There is a tradition in Twin Group that, from time to time, students prepare meals from their countries. This fantastic idea helps us to get to know other students and establish new friendships. Moreover, this meeting gives us an opportunity to polish our English conversation too.

We practised this yesterday as well. The students and the teachers gathered again trying dishes prepared by people from: Spain, the Czech Republic, Japan, China, Venezuela and Poland. The English Teachers and the managers also brought their own contributions: London meat pie with mash potatoes, mushy peas and parsley sauce, served with a traditional ginger beer.

Every dish looked appetizing and was absolutely delicious. We took the opportunity to eat: Spanish sausage- chorizo, Czech potato salad with mayonnaise made by Susanna, traditional homemade sushi made by Mayoumi, oriental noodles by Xui Fu, original Venezuelan bread called “arepa” by Marrizio and Polish Summer fruit caked baked by… me!

The rest of the students came with good appetites and a friendly mood. Many of them were interested in the recipes, products and ingredients. Many of them tried oriental or European food for the first time.
I can safely say that everybody enjoyed themselves and we believe that the next International Food Affair will be as successful as this year, all thanks to the Twin English School in London.

By Anna Wilczkowska

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